Brad Howe is a New York City based stand up comedian, director, writer and character actor. He performs at theaters such as The Annoyance, UCB, Magnet Theater, Creek & The Cave, and various underground Brooklyn venues.

Originally from Massachusetts, Brad has developed original small town characters into his performance style. In 2013, Brad performed his first one man show, "Stand Up Fitchburg," showcasing various original New England characters. He has also developed an original web series, "Townies," and other mockumentary styled videos. 

Brad is a part of a sketch duo, "Dave" who has a running show "New England Sunday." Brad also a part of "Byrd Comedy" making sketch videos.

In his spare time he enjoys playing lakeside concerts with his hometown cover band "Feeble Attempt," listening to 80's hair metal, and coming up with pick up lines to make cougars call him "Handsome."